Additional Disclosures


Our products are not medical devices. Please do not pull the waistband adjustments too tight around your waist as our garments are not meant to be worn extremely snug; they should fit comfortably. Exchanges are encouraged if an item does not fit properly. It's not recommended to wear our waistbands for longer than two hours at a time for safety reasons. Remove the band after two hours, and take a one-hour break between uses. If you experience any discomfort while using the waistband, stop using it.


As a result of prolonged use, some garments may wear and lose stitches over time, resulting in exposed wires that could make contact with the Customer's skin. If a garment causes discomfort or pain, customers should stop wearing it immediately and consult a physician. This can be resolved by replacing the stitching. In this case, a Customer should take the garment to a professional for the stitch to be replaced.

As a result of an exposed wire or other damages caused by extended wear, the Company disclaims any liability for loss or damage to person or property.

Any injuries resulting from negligence or misuse, including but not limited to zipper-related issues, are not the responsibility of She's Waisted.


Some of our products contain latex or may be manufactured in a factory where latex products are produced. If you have a latex allergy or suspect that you may have a latex allergy, you should not use our latex products. She's Waisted disclaims all liability for any skin irritations or rashes that may occur after wearing a garment. If you develop a rash after wearing any garment, you should stop wearing that garment and seek a physician's consultation if you require further assistance. She's Waisted is not responsible for allergic reactions.


You must be 18 Years or older to purchase any waist trainer or compression garments.